We like everyone have faced price increases over our scooters that now we can no longer absorb. From the 1st July we will be increasing our prices, so if you have been thinking about getting a scooter or trike now is the time to do so before they are lifted.


Our newest Electric Scooter - the roadster these are sold off road private use only, we do offer the road registered version.


Massive 3000w brushless motor with a 20AH battery (includes charger) we have 5 colours available (Black - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue) 3 speed settings 135kg Weight limit.


The battery can be upgraded to a 28ah (under floor) for an extra $250.00 but can not be removed for charging like the 20ah.


Around 5-6 hours of charge time.


Off road private use $2500.00 standard, on road ready $2750.00 (this is the scooter inspected and MR2A form issued - you will need to take the form into AA or vtnz and buy a number plate and rego, they do not require a WOF)


Shipping $80.00 North Island Urban covered 
Poverty Bay area $120.00  
$300.00 South Island urban covered 
- this will be billed once the address has been confirmed.

Pick up feilding  - free

Roadster Electric Scooter

GST Included