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Research Proposal Computer Vision

Computer vision is a subfield of AI that trains computer in understanding the visual world with the help of deep learning models to easily identify objects and then reacts accordingly. DataFlair is providing you 25 ideas on computer vision.

RESEARCH PROPOSAL Title : Video-Based Object Recognition for Automatic Description Tagging Name : Hanif Rasyidi. method which are beyond the current computer vision scope. 2. Algorithm Design and Development In this phase, some algorithm and method for the video-based object recognition will be

Computer vision is concerned with the extraction of meaningful information from image data. Projects on computer vision are often concerned with the development of computer algorithms for specific applications. In general we are interested in demonstrating that new or novel ideas represent an advance over traditional naive methods.

This research aims at extending pen-based pattern-recognition engines to non-text applications, such as hand-draw forms, sketches, graphs or mathematical formulae, or interactive 3d vision reconstruction from stereo images, etc. Structural recognition methods using a probabilistic learning framework are the main approach that will be investigated.

Research Proposal Computer Vision - Essay Help 24x7

Research Proposal Computer Vision - Essay Help 24x7

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